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This Cookie Policy refers to the website ("website") managed and operated by MFE headquartered in Via Vienna 90 - 38121 Trento (TN) - Italy  PI: 01564680229.

Cookies are small text files sent to the user by the visited website. Cookies are saved on the PC's hard disk and enable the website to recognise and save specific information on users in order to improve the services provided.

There are various types of cookies. While some cookies are required for website navigation, other cookies serve different purposes, such as ensuring internal security, managing the system, creating statistical analysis, recognising website sections most frequently visited by users or offering a personalised website view.

This website uses technical cookies, but no profiling cookies. This is true not only for the user's computer, but also for any other device used for connecting to the website.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are only used for transmitting messages over a communication network or, to the extent strictly necessary for the company's service providers, for transmitting information needed to provide the services expressly requested by the subscriber or the user.
Technical cookies serve no other purpose and are usually installed by the website owner or administrator directly.

Technical cookies are divided into navigation cookies or session cookies which enable normal website navigation and use (e.g. purchases, authentication to access private areas); cookies analytics are comparable to technical cookies if used by the website administrator to collect aggregate information on the number of users and website usage; functionality cookies enable the user to navigate the website based on a set of criteria (e.g. language, products selected for purchase ecc.) in order to improve the services provided.

Disabling cookies may limit website use, preventing you from fully using website functions and services. The following description of the cookies used on this website will help you decide which cookies to accept and which ones to block.

Type of cookies used

First party cookies:

First party cookies (or cookies belonging to the editor's website which has created them) are set by the website visited by the user and whose address appears in the URL window. The use of cookies allows the website to work efficently and trace user behavioural templates.
Third party cookies:

Third party cookies are set by a different domain than the one visited by the user. If a user visits a website and a different company sends information via this website, third party cookies come into action.

Session cookies

The so-called "session cookies" are stored in temporary memory and disappear when the user closes the browser. If the user registers on the website, it can use cookies which collect personal data in order to identify the user on subsequent visits and make website access-login (e.g. by saving the user's username and password) and navigation easier. Furthermore, MFE uses cookies for system administration purposes. The website could contain links to other websites. MFE does not have access to or control over cookies, web beacons and other tracing technology used by third party websites linked from our website, over the availablity of any content or material published or obtained through such websites and over the relevant terms and conditions of personal data processing;consequently, given the huge number of third party websites, MFE declines any liability in connection therewith. The user is hereby adviced to read the privacy policy of third party sites in order to acknowledge the terms and conditions applicable to personal data processing. As specified above, MFE Privacy Policy applies to this website only.

Persistent cookies:

Persistent cookies are saved on user devices between browser sessions and allow user preferences or actions on the website to be remembered. Persistent cookies may be used for different purposes, for example in order to recall preferences or selections made during website usage.

Essential cookies:

These cookies are strictly necessary for the website's functioning. Without these cookies certain website sections would not work. They comprise, for example, cookies enabling access to the website's private areas. These cookies do not collect information for marketing purposes and cannot be disabled.

Functional cookies:

These cookies are used to recognise users returning to the website. They allow contents to be personalised and preferences to be remembered (e.g. language selection or region). These cookies do not collect information on user identification. All information collected is anonymous.

Share cookies on social networks:

These cookies enable content sharing through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Please visit the social media's websites in order to read the relevant privacy and cookies policies. For Facebook and Twitter go to and
Please find below a list of the most important cookies used by this website and the relevant descriptions and functions, including their duration.

  • Session cookie: first party and technical cookie keeps track of the user's session, makes it possible to recall user preferences on the website pages, such as language selection.
  • Google Analytics:third party cookie, enables widgets and stores statistics on page content use anonymously.
  • Google Maps : third party cookie, enables widgets for viewing site map.
  • Youtube : third party cookie, enables widgets for viewing site video.
  • Facebook : third party cookie, enables 'share page' widgets.

How to change cookie settings

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but normally users can change the settings if they wish to disable this function. It is possible to block all types of cookies. Alternatively, you can accept to enable only some of them, while disabling others. Go to "Options" or "Preferences" in the browser menu for disabling cookies and other user tracing technology or receiving browser notifications if these technologies are enabled. Alternatively, the toolbar in the "Help" section of most browsers contains some further information.
Finally, you may select one of the browsers from the list below and follow the instructions: -Internet Explorer; - Chrome; -Safari; - Firefox; -Opera. From mobile devices: -Android; -Safari; -Windows Phone.

For further information on cookies and on how to set cookie preferences (first and/or third party cookies) please visit the platform Please be aware that disabling navigation or functional cookies may cause bad functioning of the website and/or restrict the services offered by MFE


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